Trust us, your kid’s teacher doesn’t need another bottle of lotion, coffee mug, or scented candle. Here are 10 end-of-the-school-year gifts that teachers actually want.

A Sincere Note or Card

This is a gesture from the heart. Have your child write out how their teacher effected their school year (in a positive way), what their favorite thing about the class was, or what your child learned from them. These tokens of appreciation are always fun for teachers to reflect on for many years to come. You can even team up with the class mom/dad to have all of the students write notes to the teacher and then present them in a decorated glass jar.

Personalized Stationary

This is a great gift! Teachers can use this gift to write home a note about how amazing little Johnny or Joan was in class and to their teacher friends about how amazing their year was. Make sure to include their favorite pen or pencil. You can find tons of ideas on


Arrange for their favorite pizza or restaurant to deliver lunch to them on their last day of school. Or go above and beyond and prepare lunch for the teacher and have your child help deliver it to the school.

Gift Cards

Whether it's to their favorite coffee shop or their favorite place to buy school supplies, all teachers can use a gift card. Check with your child's room mom/dad - they may be collecting money for one gift card from the entire class.

Spa Services

Speaking of gift cards, treat your child's teacher to a massage, a fancy car wash, or a nail salon. Make sure the gift certificate is enough to cover the full cost of at least one service and tip.

Beach Bag & Supplies

When school's out teachers head to the beach! Send your teacher off in style with a personalized beach bag stuffed with all the accessories they will need (beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.)

For the English teacher 

Check out You can find everything from totes to shirts that spread the joy of reading. Plus, every purchase helps support literacy programs around the world.

Survival Kit

Help your child's teacher start prepping for the next school year with a survival kit. This kit can include items such as deodorant, dry shampoo, chocolate, mouthwash, and hand sanitizer. Check out some more great items you can put into the Survival Kit here.

Scarves & Umbrellas

Help your child's teacher plan for bus duty by preparing them now with a new scarf or umbrella - bonus points if they're personalized.

Personalized Lanyard

All teachers can use a nice, bright new lanyard for the upcoming school year. 

Looking for more ideas? Check out a recent article form BuzzFeed.

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