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5 Chores That Kids Can Do That Aren’t Taking Out The Trash or Folding The Laundry

April 1, 2020

Use this time at home to introduce your kids to chores. Here are five creative ways to implement such a routine in your home. 

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Wash the Doggie 

Let’s face it, since we’re all home and cramped together, Fido’s smell may be way more noticeable (just like your kids socks everywhere). Set your kid up in the yard with soap, a hose, a towel, and secure your pooch so he can’t bolt. This is a great way for your child to get fresh air, have some water fun, and you get a clean doggie! (and maybe dirty kid…)


Grow Something 

Now’s the perfect time (right?) to grow your own veggies or a butterfly garden. If you don’t have room outside, you can easily re-purpose plastic containers or old pots.


Car Wash 

Much like the dog, you just need a hose, soap, and a rag or scrub brush. If your car is like everyone else’s in NOLA, it’s covered in pollen. And even if you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, why not have a shiny, clean car in the driveway? 


Weed the Garden 

Now that so many of us are turning to our yards for entertainment, make sure your’s is ‘up to snuff’ by putting the kiddos to work. Show them what should be there and what shouldn’t. Show them how to pull up weeds so they get the roots and give them a little bucket to put them in. (If you weed with them, keep an eye on them and make sure they’re not pulling up something you actually planted!)  


Make Breakfast 

This may not seem like a chore, unless you’re the one that has to make it EVERY day. But wouldn’t it be nice on the weekend to have your kids make you breakfast? Give them age-appropriate menus, like cold cereal for the little ones, maybe heating up sausage in the microwave if a bit older, and chocolate chip pancakes for older kids! They’ll love it, and love being in charge of a meal.


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