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5 Fun Crafts For Kids Who Are Bored

April 3, 2020

Parents, tired of hearing “I’m bored!”?

Entertain your kids with these fun crafts.


Bowtie Butterflies

Kids can paint bowtie pasta using bright colors. Once dry, glue to a piece of paper and draw on antenna. 

Paper Towel Rocket Ships

Lots of paper towel rolls laying around? Let your kids paint the tubes and add stickers. Roll up a sheet of small paper into a cone and glue on top.

Clothespin Paintbrushes

Go out on a nature walk. Collect items to make a paint brush. Great items to try are pine needles, grass, flowers, leaves, or twigs. Bring your items home and attach together using a clothespin. Dip your nature items into paint and enjoy. 

DIY Birdbath or Bird Feeder

This is a great project for tweens/teens or something to do along with your younger kiddos. You will need: Paint, hot glue gun, 3 terracotta flower pots, and 1 terracotta flower pot base. Paint the pots and base. Turn the three pots upside down and stack the three pots, beginning with the largest and ending with the smallest. Using a hot glue gun, glue the flower pot base to the smallest pot. Fill with water or birdseed and sit in your garden. 

Cupcake Flower Lights

Let your tween/teens add a simple light decoration to their room by completing this fun project. You’ll need: cupcake papers (large and small), string lights, scissors, and an exact-o knife. Get the step-by-step directions by clicking here.

Bonus Craft: Duct Tape Wallet

To make the wallets, you will need: Duct tape, scissors, ruler, utility knife, cutting board, or thick cardboard to cut on, and a library card or credit card for sizing. Get the step-by-step directions here.

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