April 22, 2020

Looking to start your own little garden to cheer up your quarantine life?

Here are five foods you can regrow at home right out of your kitchen. 

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Green Onions

Cut green onions about 1-inch from the root, and leave them in a glass of water. Allow sunlight, and watch them grow. It’s that simple!



Make sure there’s 2 to 3-inches of a stem, and place them upright in a glass of water. When roots sprout, transfer the herb into a pot of soil, and watch it grow!



Cut potatoes that have eyes on them into 2-inch pieces and let them dry out overnight. Plant them about 4-inches deep in soil with the eyes facing up when planting. 



The seed of an avocado can be used to plant a tree! Wash the seed & insert 4 toothpicks 1/3-way from the rounded bottom. Fill a medium jar with water and suspend the seed in the water. Place in a window with indirect sun & top with fresh water as needed. The seed will first sprout a stem and roots and then leaves. Plant in a pot of soil — roots down — in a sunny place, and water as needed. 


Garlic can be grown from just 1 clove! Plant a clove with the larger bottom facing down in a pot of soil. Keep outdoors in direct sunlight and keep moist. Cut green shoots back for the garlic bulb to grow.


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