1. Don't use a real knife for carving pumpkins. Get a kit - it's safer. And even with a kit, don't let kids under age 14 carve the pumpkin. Instead, let your child draw the design with a marker, and you carve.
  2. Put a glow stick in your kid's candy bucket for visibility. Use glow sticks and/or glow in the dark tape on their costumes as well.
  3. Speaking of visibility - help your child see where he's going by opting for non-toxic face make-up instead of a mask.
  4. Always walk on sidewalks (if available; if not, walk opposite, not with traffic) and cross the streets only at intersections. On average, twice as many children are struck and killed by cars on Halloween than any other day of the year!
  5. Eat before they treat. Kids are less tempted to eat all their night's haul if they're full.