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5 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays at Home

Daily Survival Guide – March 22, 2020

In this unprecedented and unplanned time of having a lot more time at home than expected, many kids will likely be celebrating their special days at home.

While most families will jump on the chance to take their kids to a museum or park or go out to eat at their favorite restaurant, in a time where we are having to be apart to keep safe, here are some other options to stay at home and celebrate your child’s birthday while still having just as great of a time.


Set up a treasure hunt around the house. 

Using whatever physical resources you can, hide presents, both big and small, around the house for your child to find. If you aren’t able to get the real thing yet, give them hints on where to find coupons for the event or present for when it becomes available.


Set up a game show.

Set up a DIY or online game show that will allow your child to win prizes at home. This can be a fun, even educational activity that will entertain your child or children amid celebrating.


Make a birthday cake at home.

Rather than go out and buy one at your local supermarket, make celebrating your child’s birthday with a cake a fun family activity. Gather all the ingredients and let your whole family be a part of the fun. Let your child decorate it how he/she would like. After all it’s his/her birthday!


Camp out in your backyard.

With the current inability to travel to a campsite, if your child is a big fan of the outdoors, celebrate their birthday with backyard camping. You can set up a fire pit and make birthday smores and even let your kid/s stay up to celebrate when the clock strikes 12.


Have a family dance party.

What better way to celebrate your child’s special day than to listen to their favorite songs and dance with them. Everyone loves music, and celebrating with a dance party will brighten up the monotony of a lot of time spent at home. 


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