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5 Ways to Workout At Home 

April 14, 2020

If we’ve ever needed an excuse to workout at home, we got it now!

Here are five ways you can workout at home in quarantine.

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If you’re looking for some relaxation and muscle building, yoga is the perfect exercise method for you. Join Freret Street Yoga online every morning at 9:30 am for a 75-minute class led by Geoffrey Roniger.


Want to have a high energy dance party that gets you up and moving? Dancing is the perfect workout for you. Put on a song and move around with your family, or find a video on YouTube to move along to a Zumba class. Schedule a section of the day for family dance parties.

Go For a Walk/Run

To keep up cardio, the obvious option is to go for a run. See new parts of your neighborhood and make it a family outing to exercise together — as long as you’re practicing social distancing. 

Take the Stairs 

Whether you live in an apartment building or a two-story house, taking the stairs is a great opportunity to keep your heart rate up. Pair this option with going for a run, and you’ll have finished your workouts for the week!

Play Sports/Games

The best ways to exercise are the ones that are the most fun, and what’s more fun than having a game of tag or throwing the football with your family! This is a great way to exercise all while having the kids use up some of their excess energy. 

Pro Tip!
Join the New Orleans JCC Fitness group or Three Strand Rope Fitness for online exercise classes!

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