In an office full of working moms, the topic of conversation often veers to “how do you find the time to [fill in the blank]?” Lately, the blank has been filled by staying active - we’ve all been feeling the need to move. (In fact, we even celebrated a recent office birthday at Wild Lotus Yoga, in lieu of the traditional office cake!) So imagine our delight upon scrolling tasc’s Instagram feed - locally made workout clothes sleek enough to transition into office wear? We had to give it a go. 
Here are four busy working mom’s takes on a typical workday spent entirely in our #activewear. 
Durban’s take: 
“It was delightful to not have to wear two outfits before 8 am. Day already made. After a quick walk with the baby and dog, I slipped on a cardigan and a sparkly necklace and was good to go for my 10 am client meeting! Back at the office, my cross-town capri pants were perfect for cozying up in my chair to tackle the inbox. I still felt polished - the thicker band at the bottom of my Streets V shirt is very flattering, and I love the Magnolia color - but extra comfortable as well. Hope everyone else likes this look too, because I just may wear it every day. SO SOFT!”
Amanda’s take:
“I’ve been loving the Athleisure look, so this was the perfect opportunity to give it a trial run.  The Nola Leggings were chic (and an awesome length - I’m 6’), and throwing on a snuggly sweater and dressy sneakers took me straight from carpool to the office. I’ve been trying to walk the park at lunch, and already having on my active wear took away my usual excuses! I even snuck in some plank workouts while reading our most recent issue - multi-tasking #momlife!"
Jenny’s take:
“We’re in the middle of moving, so comfort is key at the moment. Did I mention we’re moving with two toddlers and two dogs? #sendhelp #andwine. Moving boxes is pretty much my cardio these days - but squeezing in a yoga class after work and before bedtime was a much needed refresh, and having my tasc on made it super easy! While my whole outfit couldn’t work for every office day, the pants are tailored enough that I can sneak at least the sweats on a regular Tuesday.”
Ann’s take:
“This was the perfect outfit to wear to a casual day at work (ballet flats and a long necklace) and more importantly the top hides my 'extra'. And I'm just taking a guess here, but I think my 'extra' will probably grow between now and the New Year. At the same time, I feel active and fit wearing my tasc and that alone might help me lose my jiggly bits!” 
Here’s the consensus - get yourself to the tasc store ASAP for all the working moms on your list, and for anyone who likes to look good and feel good while they workout, work, cocktail, make merry, etc. Just plug 3913 Magazine Street into your google maps to find your way to their flagship store! They’ve made it extra easy for your last minute gifting needs too - check out their women’s gift guide here, and their men’s here
Thanks tasc, for the outfits! It was definitely the most comfortable work day we’ve ever had - easily fitting in fitness, work, and fun was just lagniappe. 

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