Here are 5 tips to help your little trick-or-treater

  1. Make a great trade by exchanging a certain amount of candy for something else (prize, a fun outing, more screen time, skip doing something they hate, stay up 15 minutes late).
  2. Give them a certain number of coupons they must turn in for candy. Allow them to earn more for good behavior and doing chores.
  3. Put out a Teal Pumpkin and give goblins and ghouls alternatives to those gooey sweets. Here are some ideas: tattoos, Playdoh, juice boxes, glow sticks, vampire fangs, stickers, small bags of carrots or crackers, pencils, cheese sticks, bubbles, etc. (A teal pumpkin is options for those looking for non-candy treats including spider flingers, Halloween the official symbol for Food Allergy Awareness, showing you have alternative to traditional candy.)
  4. Finally, a little extra tooth care can go a long way, so have your child brush an extra five seconds for every piece of candy they consume.
  5. Consider encouraging your trick-or-treater to donate their sweet treats deployed troops and local first responders.


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