Booth Materials Online Camp Fair

Booth Materials needed for 2014 Online Camp Fair:

These are not all required, but the more you can provide, the richer the experience for those visiting your camp in this fair. Including application, costs, dates allows them to sign up quickly. Having a likely ‘sell-out’ date also motivates people to move on it.  Our goal is to help you quickly fill your sessions! 



copy- this can include a description of the camp, the environment, the sessions. Include age range, dates etc. 

images- file size no smaller than 200 x 200 pixels and no larger than 500 x 500 pixels

video- we can link to any video, or embed from YouTube (embedded is preferred- better experience for the viewer) 

links- we can link to multiple areas on your site. Suggestions would be linking directly to your camp schedule, calendar, registration and or application. 

testimonials- this can be a nice addition if you have or can get quotes from parents of previous campers. The power of testimonials is strong. 

Please send these material directly to Ann Herren : ann at nolababy dot com.  [Typed in as web address of course, but we’re trying to prevent bots from spamming us!]

 You can also call our office at 866.0555. 

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