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Speech Therapy And Your Child

     You may find your toddler’s lisp rather cute, but as the years go by, it can become a thornier problem. She might grow out of it, or it could be indicative of a deeper issue. “Speech therapy is so, so b...
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Open Wide: Dental Care For Kids

  Written by Nolababy & Family Magazine   Admit it, the best part about going to the dentist with your child is the very end—when she gets a new toothbrush and you both get to go h...

Lice Ewww It’s That Time

Lice. At your school. And you got a note sent home.   There, we said it. Every parent's fear.       It's ok. We promise.   We did the research for you. ...
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Get In Touch With Infant Massage

  Written by The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital       Babies of all species need touch. It is an underestimated, yet powerful element in developing and reinfor...
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Early Enrichment

Bond with your baby while helping her development, too! Tired of games of tag between just you and your toddler? Or maybe you’re looking for more fun and meaningful ways to bond with your newborn. Then it’s ti...
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Early Dental Care

  Written by Nolababy & Family Magazine February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. What better time to check in with some local dentists to see what we, as parents, can do to kee...

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