City Announces Modified Phase One

January 6, 2020 City Announces Modified Phase One as COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations Reach a Dangerous Rate in Orleans Parish Due to COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations reaching a statewide record high, t...

Hip Grannie: Teaching Your Children Resilience

November 1, 2020 Teaching your children resilience and to be grateful and strong  I am the first to admit it: I think my grandchildren and most kids in this city are amazing. But I’ve never thought it more th...

The Importance of Social-Emotional Learning

October 5, 2020 Dealing with COVID-19 fall-out: Recognizing your child’s social-emotional needs and how to partner with their school for best results. Middle School social-emotional learning. With the r...
Parent helping child cope positively

Learning to Cope with Uncertainty

September 1, 2020 Learning Years: Dealing with life's stressors takes effort and practice Some people are natural risk-takers who are nimble and can pivot when encountering the unexpected. None of them are re...
shocked by screen

Having the Porn Conversation with your Kids

Ask the Experts- The Porn Conversation- August 5, 11 am-1pm (CST) This Seminar, from Children and Screen: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development, conducted on Zoom, will tackle the topic in depth and...

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