Hip Grannie: Teaching Your Children Resilience

November 1, 2020 Teaching your children resilience and to be grateful and strong  I am the first to admit it: I think my grandchildren and most kids in this city are amazing. But I’ve never thought it more th...

The Importance of Social-Emotional Learning

October 5, 2020 Dealing with COVID-19 fall-out: Recognizing your child’s social-emotional needs and how to partner with their school for best results. Middle School social-emotional learning. With the r...
Parent helping child cope positively

Learning to Cope with Uncertainty

September 1, 2020 Learning Years: Dealing with life's stressors takes effort and practice Some people are natural risk-takers who are nimble and can pivot when encountering the unexpected. None of them are re...
shocked by screen

Having the Porn Conversation with your Kids

Ask the Experts- The Porn Conversation- August 5, 11 am-1pm (CST) This Seminar, from Children and Screen: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development, conducted on Zoom, will tackle the topic in depth and...

5 Tips For Getting Kids To Do Their Household Chores

May 11, 2020 Let’s face it, nobody likes to do chores, children and adults alike! If your child needs motivation for doing their duties, here are 5 ways to inspire success. Sign up to receive our Nola Famil...
boy in beanie hat autism

Applied Behavioral Analysis: A Family’s Journey

"ABA provides a structure for learning that Liam responds to." by Pamela Marquis, April 9, 2019 Applied behavior analysis is considered the gold standard for children with an autism spectrum disorder, but...

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