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Slowing Down The Rush To Grow Up

by Pat Blackwell, Ph.D. For most kids, childhood is a wonderful thing. You’re loved and cared for. Not much is expected of you. Life is safe and predictable. So what’s the deal with big girl this, big boy ...
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Sibling Strife

    Ever worry that your kids' constant bickering isn't normal? Read on. After a long day at work as a lab supervisor, microbiologist Elizabeth Abboud can’t wait to pick up her two children. She pulls up...
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Pacifier Problems and Bragging

  Written by Jeanne Martin   Q: My 2-yr-old is addicted to her pacifier. Any tips on how to wean her of it without causing too much emotional trauma?   A: Oh, that brings ba...
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Paying Attention To Our Kids

Ever notice how as soon as you try to get something done, your child’s behavior seems to fall apart? You’ve probably seen children playing nicely one minute and then you turn your head and the toys are flying. ...

Nighttime Schedules And Picky Eaters

Written by The Parenting Center Q: My 15-month old wants to—and does—go to bed by 7 every night. I’ve shied from taking her to evening activities (dinners with friends, special events, etc) to respect her bedt...
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Manners And Monsters

  Q: It’s getting way past Christmas and my kids still haven’t written their ‘thank you’ notes. How late is too late? A: Just asking that question puts you in an entirely different realm in the gift ...
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Mealtime Manners

  Written by Pat Blackwell, PhD       peas and q’s   Why mealtime manners should be modeled early and often.   Mealtimes are important for many reasons b...
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Mean Friends And Pushing The Smarts

  Written by Jeanne Martin       Q: Some of my friends are doing flash cards with their kids—addition and subtraction, as well as sight words. Their kids are two years ...

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