Child Safety

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It can be physical, emotional, social or cyber. It’s always mean and deliberate.    When Kimaree Long, mother of two, received a call from Lusher Charter School informing her that her 12-year-old son...

Car Seat Safety From Baby To Pre Tween

  The American Academy of Pediatrics has revised what they recommend for child car seats. Below, we provide a list of what is actually Louisiana Law, and then what is recommended.  Here are the...
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Celebrating Festival Season With Your Child

  How to get the most out of festival season with your little ones.   For NOLA families, festivals are like Mardi Gras—a way of life. We start the little ones early and go often. Having a game plan b...
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Children Suffer When A Parent Is Depressed

How a Mom's Depression Affects Her Kids by Pat Blackwell, Ph.D. Parental depression can have an insidious impact on the psychology of a child. Even infants are at risk of suffering negative consequences of ...
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Concussions In Kids

When recreational sports cause traumatic brain injuries. Several months ago, 9-year-old Tristan Cordes was playing football and collided heads with a teammate, causing him to fall and take a second blow to the...

When Children On The Spectrum Are Victims of Bullying

  Ethan Marengo is a 10 year old with Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. He is a smart, fun-loving kid in the fifth grade at a middle school in Covington, but his mom Shelley says he still gets ...
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Bad Playdates, Biters, And Health Obsessions

Written by The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital Bad Playdates Q. My son's best friend, a fellow four-year-old next door, is a beast, to put it mildly. He's destructive, defiant, and doesn't heed his pa...
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Be Clean And Green

Toxic. The word can send shivers down a parent’s spine, and spread a wave of confusion over what is deemed safe to use in our homes and around our children. Parents are bombarded with information, from Internet...

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