Advice from Nola Family's resident grandmother

Hip Grannie: Quarantine Blues, Part II

September 3, 2020   When I wrote my last "Hip Grannie," it was Day 23 of our citywide quarantine - but it seemed like Day 365.  I naively thought that this quarantine would last a couple more weeks and t...
School children masked and socially distanced in the classroom

Preparing Kids for Coronavirus Education

September 2, 2020 Parenting Corner: Mentally equipping your child for a new educational experience. As summer turns to fall, parents are preparing their children and teens for the new school year amid a pande...
Child in mask

Masking with Your Kids

6 Mask Safety Tips to Know Right Now Here are six helpful tips for keeping your child safely masked as they head back to school and their extra-curricular activities this COVID-19 fall.   Compliance. Withou...

NOLA Education during COVID

We gathered a panel of local experts to guide us through the ever-changing landscape of today's Covid-influenced education. We spoke with Dr. Pat Blackwell, a licensed psychologist, Dr. Lauren Hernandez, a boa...

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