Coronavirus vs. Flu

Is it the Flu or Coronavirus?

March 16, 2020 Ochsner Health has provided a simple guide for knowing the difference between COVID-19 and the flu. Suffering from a sore throat, cough, or just feeling run down? With the recent outbreak of CO...

Body-Postitivity: It Starts With You

Raising kids with a healthy body image means that parents also need to take a look in the mirror. Typically, body image awareness is thought to be associated with adolescents who are entering puberty or naviga...

Raising Gleason

By Tim Meyer May 1, 2019 "With the help of innovative technology, an understanding wife, and a fantastic care crew, I am as active as any father in Rivers’ life." Steve Gleason opens up about fatherhood ...

Kids Ruin Everything, Even Parents’ Sleep

A study published earlier this year found what every parent already knows: having kids profoundly disturbs new parents’ sleep patterns. But what might not have been realized is for how long they could go before...
couple with lack of intimacy in the relationship

Bringing Intimacy Back into your Relationship

by Kate Stevens Finding the Fire,  How to bring intimacy back into your relationship.   “When my phone starts dinging on Wednesday evenings I know immediately it’s my reminder; ‘Sexy time with the hubs’”,...
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What Happens When Dad’s In Charge

  Written by Ron Helwig       A Bow for Piglet (What happens when a dad’s in charge)   There are many differences between my wife and me. I speak on the p...

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