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Fixed Thinking Kids

by Pat Blackwell, Ph.D. Some children are “flexible” by nature. They can adapt to change with ease. From day one they are dubbed “easy babies.” The polar opposite of this child is what I call the “fixed thin...
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Eight Tips To Help Make Mornings Manageable

Parents from stay-at-homers to astrophysicists report that the single most challenging trial encountered all day is that time from wake up to drop off.  The following suggestions are not guaranteed, but to do n...
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Extreme Parenting

Several months ago a couple in Maryland was reported to the authorities for allowing their children to walk home alone from the neighborhood park. This latest trend is called Free Range Parenting. While I don’t...
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Don’t Shield Kids From Death

Funerals serve a specific purpose for adults; they are a helpful part of the grieving process. The ritual allows time for mourning, processing the departure of the loved one, and an opportunity to be comforted ...
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Communicating About Difficult Topics

by Pat Blackwell, Ph.D.   Divorce, illness and death are a few examples of the many things parents struggle to explain to their young children. These topics are hard enough for older children and adu...
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Cyber Junkies

With increasing frequency I have observed behaviors in children that seem consistent with addictive dependence on video games. Addiction is a chronic disease that involves the brain’s reward systems. The indivi...
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Discuss, Don’t Destroy

When I was an undergraduate I phoned the DJ at WTUL (Tulane’s radio station) and railed at him for playing the Jimi Hendrix version of “Hey Joe.”  I was incensed at the sexist and violent lyrics (the song is ab...
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Children Suffer When A Parent Is Depressed

How a Mom's Depression Affects Her Kids by Pat Blackwell, Ph.D. Parental depression can have an insidious impact on the psychology of a child. Even infants are at risk of suffering negative consequences of ...
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Being Able To Let Go

by Pat Blackwell, Ph.D. My only child graduated from high school in May and is off to the East Coast for college later this summer. Like most parents, I’ve always dreaded this transition. But now that it’s h...

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