Uniting Or Not For The Holidays

Q: My in-laws are really great, but the holidays bug me: They never come to see us—it’s up to us to arrange to drive a few states’ over to go see them—and yet they always go way overboard on gifts for the ki...
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Too Young For A Cell Phone

By Jeanne Martin Q: My daughter is in the fifth grade and all of her friends have their own cell phones. I think she’s too young, but if all her peers have one, am I wrong? A: If all of he...

Surviving The Family Meal And Giving Santa A Budget

Written by Jeanne Martin Q: My parents always host Thanksgiving dinner at their house, and expect all of us grown kids with our children. My in-laws do the same. Feelings get hurt if we suggest visiting only o...
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Summertime Sports Blues

Word to Your Momma Our irreverent advice column Q: I don’t know anything about summer swim teams. My son is six and likes to swim so I was thinking of signing him up. Is he too young? A: Oh, I miss the...
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Strange Sleeping Spots and Looking Purty

  Written by Jeanne Martin       Q: My toddler’s favorite place for napping is the dog’s bed, which greatly disturbs my husband. Should I move (possibly disturbing) our...
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Streaking and Getting Less Love

  Written by Jeanne Martin       Q: Our three-year-old daughter loves to “streak” through our house and about the yard—to our annoyance and embarrassment. How do we sto...
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School Volunteer

Q: I want to be involved with my first-grader’s school, but have very limited time. What’s one thing you recommend? Field trip chaperone, holiday party planner or class sitter? A: Gather round, ladi...
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Momversation Traveling With Kids

Momversation Local moms answer your questions “When we travel, my four year old has serious troubles sleeping in a different bed. Any helpful tips for me, so I’m not stuck lying with her for hours on end ...

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