October 14, 2020

5 Things I’m Loving Right NowBo Dollis, Jr.  

Bo Dollis, Jr.’s entire life has been shaped by Mardi Gras Indian Culture. New Orleanians know Bo as Big Chief of the Wild Magnolias, the masking tribe that are in-demand musical performers across the city. He also can be found at his popular barber shop at Louisiana Avenue and Baronne Street. Bo and his wife Angelle have five children: their daughter Lorey Dollis (2) and his daughter Acerria Dollis (7), and he is stepfather to Angelle’s three sons Alvin (18) and Alvon Smith (17), and Elbert Chinn (12). And this is a family that loves to do everything together. 


Movie night is big at our house - no phones allowed! We choose a kid or scary movie for everyone to watch together. It takes about an hour to get ready. We cook hotdogs and I pop popcorn the old-fashioned way, in a big pot on the stovetop with oil and corn kernels.


My 2 girls and two oldest boys have all masked. And our youngest son Elbert will mask for the first year, while Alvon is sitting out this year. They don’t all sew, but everybody helps out.  


Since COVID, we just started going to the gym to exercise together. Alvon wants to do MMA, Alvin weightlifts, the girls do the treadmill or elliptical. Angelle does cardio and the trainer has me doing sit-ups and weights. 

Motivation Team Athletic Academy, 3445 Toledano St.  


I get most of my suit beads from The Bead Shop, where they work with me to get the best beads. They have certain colors and items you don’t see anywhere else. I’ll bead real rocks and small stones to make my suits’ artwork really realistic looking. 

The Bead Shop, 4612 Magazine St. 


For special treats, we like Pinkberry. Everybody has a favorite flavor and loves to go here! 
Pinkberry, 5601 Magazine St. 

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