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Affordable summer camp options continue to grow at Kidcam

Summer. It’s the season breathlessly-anticipated by kids, and quietly-dreaded by parents, thanks to the impossible work/parenting juggle that comes along with it. If you find yourself breaking into a cold sweat as the school year nears its end, Kidcam Summer Camps just might have the answer for you. 

“Kidcam was built for working parents, says Mario J. Bazile, president of Kidcam Camp Franchises, LLC, a company with roots dating back to 1974. “With affordable rates, multiple camp locations, and the ability to pay week-to-week, families can build their summers around different experiences all for one registration price.” 

 It’s a model that seems to be working. Each summer, more than 3,000 happy campers, from preschoolers to 13-year-olds, head to Kidcam to enjoy summers filled with sports, animals, field trips, art, music, skill-building and comradery. The camps are staffed by teachers and students who undergo hours of training, such as CPR Training and Red Cross swim instruction. With 24 locations in Louisiana, Illinois and Alabama, Kidcam campers are never short on options. 

Building a better summer camp experience

 Bazile joined the Kidcam family at the age of 14, working summers first as a volunteer, then a junior camp counselor and eventually a camp director. By working and communicating directly with staff, parents and kids, Bazile feels he gained valuable insight into what works and what does not. 

“My staff and I understand summer camp better than anyone. We focus on the camp year-round and take what we do very seriously,” said Bazile.  “We train and hire excellent employees and build a curriculum to be fresh and engaging each summer. We’ve partnered with first-rate facilities that offer golf, tennis and pools to provide even more diverse experiences.”

Leadership through example

 It’s clear Bazile believes deeply in the Kidcam difference, and it’s not just talk. Under his direction, all 24 Kidcam camps have launched an initiative to gain official accreditation from the American Camp Association (ACA). 

 The main purpose of the ACA-accreditation program is to educate camp owners and directors in the administration of camp operations, program quality, health and safety. Bazile believes it’s a step that will serve to set Kidcam apart from its competitors, and validate the excellent job the camp has done for the last 43 years. 

 “This is a huge undertaking and it’s an all-or-nothing deal. If one of our camps fails to meet the ACA’s standards, we all fail,” Bazile says. “Earning accreditation will be solid proof of Kidcam’s accountability, credibility and commitment to the families we serve.”

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 Kidcam Summer Camps provide over 23 Louisiana day camps from May 22nd – August 4th*.   With 8 Southshore & 4 Northshore camp locations, parents are sure to find a convenient location that is right for their family.  Campers can attend multiple locations week-to-week to build a summer schedule that works for their family.  Kidcam programs include weekly field trips, sports, art, STEAM programming, swimming, and other activities specific to each location.  Learn more and register online at www.KidcamCamps.com.


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