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Family Yoga Can Heal Your Worries

As a parent, do you wake up with an immediate worry? Is there something that – BAM – is on your mind first thing in the morning about your children, family and all of the things that you have to get done? Family yoga can be a great activity to ease those concerns.

Listening is an essential part of a yoga practice. Being understood and listened to builds a stronger family connection as a whole, but it also can build a person’s sense of self-worth and esteem. When a family member feels listened to and understood, it is letting them know that you are a very important person. This is a valuable gift that family members can give to one another. Listening is a skill that can be practiced over and over. That is the good news! We will never get it perfect – we just keep practicing. Listen! Listen very intently to each person in your family – husbands and wives, siblings, parents to children, and children to parents. LISTEN with love and attention.

Effective listening can bring a family to peace and harmony. First, we must listen to ourselves. What feelings are “inside” of you? Can you put words to your feelings and thoughts, and express them in a safe way to everyone in your family? Do you know the power of your own voice? Take turns being silent and not interrupting. Silence is the greatest gift you can give.

The following are some family yoga activities:

Peace and Namaste!

Charlotte Connick Mabry, RCYT, specializes in children’s and family yoga at Wild Lotus Yoga, 4842 Perrier St., New Orelans, 504.899.0047,


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