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Fertility: A Live Chat Wrap Up

Ask the Experts- Live Fertility Chat

For those who joined us for the Vivere-Audubon Surgery Center Live Facebook chat on Fertility,we thank you. For those who want to see what was asked and the answers, here is the wrap up on the chat!

The experts that weighed in:


Dr. Lindsay Wells and Dr. Ronald Clisham. Both board-certified endocrinologists with Audubon Fertility Clinic.


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  •  I’ve gotten pregnant one time, it was ectopic and my previous doctor in Houston put me on parlodel to lower my prolactin levels and after 3 months I got pregnant , that was in 2010 could my prolactin level still be a factor

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  • Question: Is there a natural way to treat PCOS?


  • Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine This is Dr. Clisham — if the patient is overweight, we usually recommend lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise. There are also vitamin supplements you can take that contain Inositol which may aid in insulin resistance, a typical component of PCOS.

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  • Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine This is Dr. Clisham. The majority of couples that come to us don’t require the most advanced and expensive forms of fertility therapy. For those requiring more advanced therapies, there are companies that will underwrite fertility treatments and we also work with a financing company, CapEx, that is specifically for fertility patients.
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  • Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine  typically we use a couple of screening tests for ovarian reserve, including a blood test called AMH, and an ultrasound to measure the number of antral follicles.




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