‘Festing’ in New Orleans with Kids

Fest with the Best!

So many choices means lots of reasons to get into the festival spirit and no excuses to miss out. You can go big or small – pack up for a day at French Quarter Fest or just grab the bare necessities and check out a neighborhood fair.
Go for the music! You’ll have a lot of choices at the big festivals. But, remember, this is New Orleans; you’ll be surprised at the talent on stage at your local school’s event. Keep your eyes open for something you’ve never done before so you and your children can hear something you’ve never heard.
Go for the crafts and activities! Family festivals are a great opportunity for children to play – climb the rock wall, bounce in the jump house, decorate a paper crown. The fun is in the experience so remember to dress for mess so your child can participate fully. Pro tip: bring a bag to carry all of your treasures back home.
Go for the kids! Just remember, even the best laid plans can come unraveled when it comes to young children. You’ll have to be flexible and prepared to pack it in if your child gets too hot/tired/hungry/overwhelmed/bored – you get the picture. Bottom line, if there is an act you can’t miss or you must see every craft booth, make alternate plans for your child. You’ll both be happier.
Go for the experience! If you and your family enjoy car time, there are a lot of family-friendly festivals to visit nearby. Listen to some bluegrass and see if your picky eater has a taste for alligator sausage. (Probably not – but you might!) These are the experiences that build memories to last a lifetime – or at least until the next festival!
Jenni Watts Evans is a parent educator and assistant director at the Parenting Center at Children’s Hospital. For more information and to learn about the parenting groups and classes available, call 504.896.9591, visit or email
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