The Friends of King School District will implement a "cutting-edge" four-day school week beginning in the Fall of 2019. After years of discussions and research, the move to implement a four-day week is advantageous. 

Students enrolled in FOKS will receive the required number of instructional minutes through an extended school day. All schools in the Friends of King School Network will implement this new academic schedule. Schools included are: Dr. King Charter School, Joseph A. Craig Charter School, and King High School

FOKSD fervently believes a four-day school week will: 

  • Increase student performance. The possibility of increased student achievement is the number one factor used in the decision.
  • Increase teacher and student attendance.
  • Reduce financial costs.
  • Reduce discipline referrals.
  • Increase staff recruitment and retention.

"Our priority will always be on our students. FOKS has always been at the forefront of innovative research-based ventures." - Dr. Doris R. Hicks, CEO

For more information, visit or follow their Facebook page for more updates.

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