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Funny Food: A Book For Snackers, Eaters, And Artists

Funny Food: 365 Fun, Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts

Bill & Claire Wurtzel  Welcome Books  $19.95

The trickiest thing about the “recipes” in this book is not trying to follow them (they’re pretty simple), but allowing your child to eat them. Why? Because some of these creations are so artistic you might be tempted to glue them to the plate and hang them on your wall.  Bill Wurtzel is the mastermind behind these fanciful, fun and healthy breakfast designs, which feature eggs, pancakes and waffles, fruits, oatmeal and cereals, toast and bagels. Claire, a teacher and his wife of 50 years, wrote the accompanying text—minimal instructions and some nutritional guidelines. But really, it’s the pictures of these amazing edible creations that do all the talking in this book. Tony the Tiger doesn’t stand a chance against any of these critters. Bon Appetit!


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