Giving Gifts Of Love For Valentine’s Day

Here are 3 Valentine’s Day gifts (categories) that are about giving, about heart, and don’t take a lot of time or money- just care.


1. Give to an organization that gives the gift of a healthy heart- literally. HeartGift, LA actually puts its money- and it takes surprisingly little- where it’s mouth is. It’s simple. Children are brought to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans for life-saving heart surgery. For $25,000 a young life is saved. So you see, every little bit does help. And you can actually meet and know the young child whose life you helped save. Amazing!
They always love help, whether through organizing  a school fundraiser, a small (or large donation), or even help with their annual golf tournament each Fall. Click here to learn more about HeartGift and how you can help.
2. Give to strangers that need love. Seriously. There are so many nursing homes, shelters, and organization in New Orleans- near you- that have people that are lonely. Alone. Imagine how much it would brighten their day to have you and your child walk through the front door with a box of cookies. Homemade brownies. And a hug. Thats all it takes sometimes. A bonus- your child will learn a lot from this. You may too!
3. Give to those you love. I know, sounds obvious. But we’re not talking expensive flowers or heart shaped boxes of chocolates. How about a memo board of family ideas? Everyone in the family writes out what they’d like to do together. Then make emptying the board a family goal. Or a memo book to your youngest, with each page declaring what you love about her? You can fill out throughout the year. A video- shot on the fly (hey, even carpool line) of your child declaring his love for grandpa, daddy, or Aunt Sue- and then shoot it off to them to brighten a morning.
By. Nola Family Staff

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