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Great Louisiana Holiday Books for Kids

by Scott Campbell



AUTHOR and ILLUSTRATOR spotlight: 

Artist, Illustrator, Author, and mom.  Alexis is a true Cajun, who lives along Bayou LaFourche with her husband Paul and three little ones.  She is a native of Cut Off, Louisiana, a graduate of Nicholls State University, and is also someone you would love to hang out with and pass a VERY good time. 



Bayou Ballet
written and Illustrated by Alexis Braud 
Take a feathered and furry leap to center stage in this bayou-based introduction to ballet. Join hands with the armadillo in the pas de deux or pirouette with the panther. Readers will find plenty of creatures to dance with, whether your preferred cavalier is the crawfish or the alligator.  Budding ballerinas will love the humorous illustrations paired with accurate and friendly explanations of dance terms, making moves easy to understand and remember for young learners and anyone who loves dance.  

Cajun ABC
by Rickey Pittman & illustrated by Alexis Braud 
The sights, sounds, and smells of ‘All things Cajun’ two-step off the page as readers are introduced to the unique customs of the Cajun people.  From the alligators in the bayou to the stars of the zydeco stage, the food, music, literature, and language unique to the people of southern Louisiana are delightfully rhymed and beautifully illustrated.  This lively yet educational jaunt showcases the famous Cajun joie de vivre and sets the stage for the reader’s own Acadian adventures.   

The Unhuggables (Recommended by Autism Speaks)
by Kena Sosa & illustrated by Alexis Braud 
Oliver is upset—very upset—and nothing his mother says makes him feel better. When she tries to give him a comforting hug, he rolls up into a tight ball like an armadillo and won’t let his mother near. She tries to coax him out of his huddle but then his claws come out. Oliver pretends to be one ferocious animal after another—none of them very good at giving hugs. But it is hard work saying no to a mother’s love. Through creativity, patience, and affection (as well as a healthy dose of humor), Oliver’s mother finds a way to get through his imaginative defenses and give him the best hug ever. 

Gumbo-A Magical Bayou Tale
written and illustrated by Alexis Braud 
The magic of history, family tradition, local customs, and bayou seasoning meld to create a swirling wonder of flavor that enchants the senses and reminds us of home.  It this bayou tale, George follows his nose and meets the mystical Nanny who prepares a gumbo rich in music, stories, laughter, and Cajun secrets.  A simple gumbo recipe completes George’s bayou adventure and allows young readers (and parents) to sample a delectable bite of Cajun heritage. 



Scott Campbell is founder and publisher of River Road Press, which focuses on a mission to publish local and regional authors, with a focus on history, children’s books, and Southern culture.

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