June 15, 2019

Thanks to one dedicated dad and Pampers, more public restrooms across North America will have changing tables in men’s restrooms.

That dad, Donte Palmer of Florida, gained national attention when in 2018, he posted a social media image of himself squatting in a public restroom, trying to change his son’s diaper in his own lap. It is a rare sight to see a proper diaper changing table in most men’s public restrooms. Palmer was just making do with what he had.

Since that post, Palmer has founded #SquatForChange, an organization committed to arming dads with the proper changing table resources they need to be hands-on with their children.

Donte Palmer began a movement that hopes to make life a little easier for dads who are out and about with their young kids.

Now, Palmer is working with Pampers, a Procter & Gamble company, to champion thousands of dads who have used social media to voice their desire to see changing table equality. Pampers’ “Love the Change” campaign pledges to provide 5,000 changing tables in public restrooms across North America by 2021, a press release states.

Musician, activist, and Pampers partner, John Legend, will also help the brand introduce this commitment to hands-on dads.

“I am so excited to play a role in Pampers’ Love the Change campaign,” Legend said. “I love being a hands-on dad, and it is so important that we acknowledge the active role dads are playing in their babies’ lives.”

Over the next two years, Pampers, in partnership with Koala Kare, will identify high-need public locations and provide baby changing tables for installation in the men’s restrooms. Dads and babies visiting places such as parks and recreation centers, community centers, and libraries in cities such as Cincinnati, Dallas, Philadelphia, Detroit, and many others across the U.S. and Canada, are in line to benefit from Pampers’ commitment. The first 500 locations have already been identified and installation is expected to be completed over the coming weeks.

Together with Pampers, everyone can play a part in helping dads and babies continue to #LoveTheChange together by becoming a Pampers Dadvocate! Share a photo or video of your favorite bonding moment using #LoveTheChange to contribute toward the provision of additional baby changing tables for dads across the U.S. and Canada.


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