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Kilimanjaro Journal training – first entry March 1, 2020

Our mountain climbers are training hard in New Orleans, and beyond! Here are there first journal entries on how they’re preparing for Kilimanjaro! 

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Hi Boomers!  As part of the early stages of Mt. Kilimanjaro hike training, Liz and I have been “boot and backpack focused”. 

Breaking In

We are breaking in new boots with weekend hikes and carrying modest loads on our back (canned goods, water, small weights, etc..).  Our main trek has been Lakeview, City Park, and the Lakefront area so honk it you see 2 middle aged women walking with high school backpacks doing “up and overs” on the levee! 

NOLA hills

Levees and the Wisner overpass have been our only inclines so far– yikes, we are in trouble!  There is a point – maybe 2.5  hours of walking – where we are ready to ditch the boots, but we just suck it up.  We are seriously considering cheating and having our boots stretched/broken in professionally! 

Good news is that we trampled in water and the boots passed the  “water resistant test”, which is important as rain and snow are a given on Mt. Kili.


Our longest walk was 12 miles – 3.5 hours – boy were we done!!  I know this sounds crazy but we would rather run for an 6+ miles than walk 8-9.  Although time consuming, we try to use time productively – planning parties, calling kids, and having  “solve the world” conversations, etc…!  As you can see, we entertain ourselves with critters along the way.  Hope we don’t see many of those on Mt. Kili!  Stay tuned!  


Hello Boomers!

We survived the Mardi Gras season and kept focused on some good physical fitness. We’ll be taking the Machame route up Kilimanjaro which is the most popular and is also known as the “Whiskey Route”. Some of those Mardi Gras events might have helped!

The Machame route starts at 5380’ and finishes at the peak of 19341’. The trail is considered difficult, steep and challenging, particularly due to its shorter itinerary. I’ve never hiked above 14,265’ so I will be experiencing an extra mile of unknown!

Hiking Kilimanjaro will be all about “legs and lungs”. I’m moving into what I’m calling Phase 2 of the training program which will encompass more cross-training and longer workouts.

The countdown has already begun

With 4.5 months remaining, it’s time to ramp up the workouts to the next level. I just arrived in Telluride, Colorado where I’ll partake in downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, and fat-tire snow biking. A few weeks at 8700-11000’ elevation will be the next great challenge for the legs and lungs.

We hope that we can inspire others to take on an active adventure. Live life to the fullest.



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