Last Minute Halloween Costumes

  1. Safety pin socks, hand towels, and dryer sheets to yourself — you’re static cling
  2. Dress in all green, and safety pin a bunch of pipe cleaners to yourself — you’re a cactus.
  3. Dress in pajamas and a bathrobe, put your hair in curlers, and safety pin a bunch of stuffed animal cats to yourself — you’re a crazy cat lady.
  4. Roll a piece of paper into a cone and attach it to your head to make a horn. Dress in white or pastels and throw on some glitter — you’re a unicorn
  5. Tease your hair, secure a bunch of plastic snakes, pipe cleaners, (or even gummy worms) with bobby pins, and add lots of hairspray — you’re Medusa.
  6. Cut 2 triangles out of black paper or felt, glue them to a black headband. Draw a nose and whiskers on your face with black eyeliner — you’re a cat.
  7. Duct tape the words ‘Go Ceiling’ to a solid colored shirt and carry a pompom — you’re a ceiling fan.
  8. Put on a blue dress, ballet flats and tie your hair up in a ribbon — you’re Wendy from Peter Pan.
  9. Braid your hair into two sections, attach them with a bobby pin on top of your head. Secure a bunch of fake flowers on top of the braids, and draw in a unibrow with eyeliner — you’re Frida Kahlo.
  10. Attach a bunch of ‘hello my name is’ name tags with different names to your shirt — you’re identity theft.


by Melanie Potter

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