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Let us give you a Birthday Parade!

New Orleans loves to parade,

so let’s throw one for the birthday kids! 

We’re creating a grassroots celebration for kids who are at home during this time for their birthdays. It’s no fun, and we know how disappointing it can be — it’s simply not fair that they can’t celebrate as they’d really like to! Our goal is to bring a smile, celebrate them, and bring us all together (not physically!)! 

Below is general information, parent info, birthday request form, and volunteer info. If you are able to help by volunteering (without which, this would be impossible) please see link below — and a HUGE thanks from us and all New Orleans parents! 

Our participants are all volunteers seeking to do something kind for your kids, and we’re limiting it  to 6 ‘parade’ costumers. We will drive to the birthday child’s home and ‘parade’ (one at a time past the house, each stopping in front to dance, greet and celebrate the birthday kid). We love each other in New Orleans, love to costume, love to ‘parade’ and love to celebrate life!

We ask your patience and understanding as we ramp up this project.  

If you’d like to be a parade volunteer, we thank you for being a part of our community spirit! Click here for info.

If you’re a family that would love to help other families by being your own ‘parade’ in front of their houses, please help! Your kids maybe bored, or truly delight in knowing they can do something during this rough time to help others! Just click the volunteer link above! 

Parents, this is how it works.

Fill out the form below to get on our list. If we can bring your child a personal parade, we’ll let you know, and will ask for your phone number and address at that time. Once we coordinate with our parade volunteers, we’ll text you the day and time (with a 30 minute window) of when to expect your parade! We will try to come on your child’s exact birthday, but that depends on requests and schedules.

**We’ve already had an overwhelming response! We will do this as long as we can (and have the volunteers) throughout the quarantine period. If we get overwhelmed, we may have to ‘pause’ this campaign or limit the number of birthdays per day and work on a first come, first served basis. If you are in an area where we don’t have volunteers, we may not be able to help.** 

**Parents, we need at least three (3) days advance notice to be able to mobilize and get the volunteers needed.**

What you need to do:

Keep it quiet! Let’s make this parade a surprise for your child, and more importantly, if weather or circumstances makes the visit not possible, we don’t want to disappoint any children.

Make sure you’re ready for the parade! The lead volunteer will text or call you with the window of time they can make it, and then again when they are set up and ready to parade.

Bring your family onto your porch (no further, please, we want to abide by COVID-19 protocol, above all else) and wait for the fun! 

Please take pictures, videos, or Facebook live your parade and share on social media, and please tag Nola Family so we can share as well!

Please be flexible with us — We’ve never done anything like this before and have no idea how long it will take or any other details beyond what we’ve provided to you here. We will tell you what number family you are in our lineup for the day, and the lead volunteer will text you at the number you provided when we are on our way. Forgive us for keeping tight to our schedule. We cannot spend more than 10 minutes at your home. We want to honor as many requests as possible.

Of course, our visits are weather pending. If we must cancel, we’ll do our best to reschedule. Out of an abundance of caution, remember that each person will be by themselves (each performer will wait in their car or down the block for their turn) as they ‘parade’ by and greet your child. Please don’t ask for group photos! 

Enjoy! All of New Orleans celebrating your child’s big day! After all, we’re all in this together! 




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