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Top 10 Mardi Gras Safety Tips

Making sure you Mardi Gras is safe and fabulous! 

1. This is the one time of year that fanny packs are in! Don’t forget to bring something that can hold your child’s precious souvenirs.

2. Establish a well-known meeting place, pre-departure, so if anyone gets lost you’ll know where to look.

3. Make sure to have a note card/wristband/labeled clothing on your child with their name and your contact information/parade route location. Make sure kids know this info is there and instruct them to show it to a uniformed police officer if lost. (Otherwise they will be taken to the Juvenile Division at 715 S Broad Street, so call 504.658.5265.)

4. We know it can be rough out there, so when your child is competing for beads make sure they are wearing close-toed shoes!

5. For the little ones, invest in a Mardi Gras Ladder – purchase the seat top at a local hardware store – so they can enjoy the floats safely (be sure the ladder is set as far back as it is tall and that there is an adult anchoring it at all times).

6. With so many families in one place it’s not a bad idea to dress in similar color t-shirts. This makes it easier for you to spot your kids and vice versa.

7. Be sure to pick a spot in a family friendly area on the parade route to avoid (as much as possible) the inevitable drunken rowdiness of some Mardi Gras-goers.

8. Dress in comfortable layers for flexible weather.

9. Stock up on the water, hats and sunscreen. Even in cool weather, the sun and a day of standing can take its toll on both you and your kids.

10. Last but not at all least, make arrangements for restroom use (sometimes for a fee) at a location nearby your parade route setup.

And remember.. laissez les bon temps rouler!

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