Meet Mompreneur Nilong Vyas of Sleepless in NOLA!

Nilong Vyas of Sleepless in NOLA helps parents get their babies to sleep better

Nilong Vyas, Sleepless in NOLA

As a pediatrician, Nilong Vyas heard countless stories from frustrated parents about kids who weren’t sleeping, leading to their own sleep deprivation in the process.

Vyas knew their struggles well – her first child, Rajan, had the same problems.  

Though the Uptown resident had learned all about treating children for illnesses, she realized she didn’t know how to get her own child to sleep well. 

Vyas created Sleepless in NOLA to guide her family and others down the path to a good night’s sleep. 

What inspired you to launch your own business?  

After having my first child I quickly became overwhelmed with the myriad information available on sleep, and I became frustrated with the volume of contradictory data on the topic of feeding and sleeping. 

I made it my mission to pore over all the research on the topic.

I then used that knowledge – along with my own understanding on the matter – to come up with my own philosophy on the subject that I believe works well for both the child AND the parent. 

What’s been the most challenging part about growing your business? 

Since I am a full-time mom – as well as the solo practitioner for my clients – the entire day-to-day running of my business falls on me.

That includes initial evaluations and consults, generating sleep plans, marketing, follow up phone calls, and being on call for my clients as well as my own family! 

And the most rewarding? 

One client’s feedback was that after talking with me for just one hour, it changed her life and gave her the confidence to move forward and help her family get restful sleep.

Another parent said that what I did for them helped not only their child but their marriage.  

What’s your favorite late-night snack? 

I love Noosa yogurt. Sometimes when I’ve not taken my own advice and gotten to bed on time, I’ll scurry to the kitchen and get a small tub of that Aussie goodness.  

Sleepless in NOLA, 

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