May 1, 2021

Parents know Anaïs as music educator of Trinity Episcopal School students since 2006.

But countless New Orleanians and visitors recognize her as the popular, sultry singer at French Quarter Festival and local venues. She, husband Marco, and daughter Elle (12) live in Algiers with visits from step-daughter Zoe (28). With New Orleans clubs reopening, look for her at the Double Dealer and the Starlight.  

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now


A suite at the Windsor Court is a great place to feel like we’re away from home. We catch the ferry over and I hit the spa!
Windsor Court Hotel, 300 Gravier St., 800.262.2662,


During the pandemic, Marco and I started going to the Wednesday Evenings Kitchen in the Garden events, with featured chefs like Frank 
Brigtsen and Big Freedia. New Orleans Botanical Garden, City Park, 


People might not know, but I 
love to roller skate! This past Halloween I was a “holy roller” nun on skates. 


With the pandemic shutdowns last March, Harry Mayronne (my accompanist for years) and I started a series of weekly 1-hour concerts from my front porch, funded by donations. It was a real lifesaver for us. 


We love being part of – and connecting with – our Algiers Point neighborhood. 
Tavolino is our go-to for family dinners. The pizza is phenomenal! Tavolino Pizza, 141 Delaronde St., 504.605.3365

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