Open House How To Guide



Picking the right school for your child can be daunting. We help take some of the ‘fear’ out of the school-choosing process. 

Here are some questions to consider while planning your Open House visits. Then, click on our ‘Open Houses’ calendar ( under the calendar tab at the top) to see the Open house schedule for this Fall. To learn more about each school you can visit them in our Directories listings. We’ve pulled it all together for you!


Planning for your open house visit

Do your homework first!


What is the school’s mission or philosophy?


What is its size?


What’s its average class size?


What is the focus of its curriculum?


Traditional? Language immersion? Focus on the arts? The Sciences?


If the school includes high school, where graduating seniors are going to college?


And what are the average SAT/ACT scores?



Questions to ask at open houses or on campus tours:

Is the school accredited? If so, by what accrediting body?


What is the admission process? Is admissions testing required?


What are the financial expectations of families in addition to tuition?


Is it possible to sit in on a class?


What type of student is most successful at this school?


What is the school’s approach to discipline?


If the school is lower or middle school only, what are some of the schools that the students go onto?



Additional questions specifically for charters:

Who holds the school’s charter?


Does the school have a special focus, like technology or the arts?


Is this the permanent location or facility for the school?


What is the admission process? Is there testing? A lottery? Both?




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