Some are day parades, some night- but all are fun for different reasons, whether it's the crowds, the throws, or how the parade rolls and its theme.

January 6

Krewe of Joan of Arc
French Quarter. This annual walking parade celebrates St Joan of Arc’s birthday and the Epiphany. 6 pm.

February 9

krewe of chewbaccus
Krewe of Chewbacchus

Marigny. The Krewe of Chewbacchus also makes all of its own throws and has created hundreds of elaborately decorated bandoliers, bean bags, Frisbees, stuffed animals, and more. 7 pm.

February 17

Krewe of Little Rascals
Metairie. America’s longest running, most flamboyant children’s Mardi Gras Krewe. Noon.

February 22

Krewe of Excalibur
Metairie. The medieval theme carries through with grand costuming, including fully suited knights on horseback. 7:30 pm.

February 23

Krewe of Caesar
Metairie. The largest Carnival organization in Jefferson Parish, it’s known for its fiber optics, neon, and 3-D figures. 5:30 pm.

‘tit Rex 
Marigny. The first and only MicroKrewe. The 'tit Rex floats are made out shoeboxes that look like full-size floats. 5:30 pm.

February 24

Krewe of King Arthur and Merlin
Uptown. It’s the largest parading krewe on this first Sunday—family Sunday—of Mardi Gras. Follows the Krewe of Carrollton. 1 pm.

Krewe of barkus
Krewe of Barkus
French Quarter. Man’s best friend is the center of this parade through the streets of the French Quarter with their humans there simply as their escorts. 2 pm.

February 28

krewe of muses
Krewe of Muses

Uptown. Everyone’s goal– catch the coveted Muses shoes! 6:30 pm.

March 2

Krewe of Endymion
Mid-City. Carnival's largest parade with 3,200 riders and 36 floats. Lionel Richie, Flo Rida, and Chicago will perform at the Endymion Extravaganza following the parade. 4:15 pm.

March 3

Krewe of Athena
Metairie. Established in 2014, it’s the newest all-female Mardi Gras club in Jefferson Parish. 5:30 pm.

Krewe of Thoth
Uptown. Among the krewe’s throws are 3-D die-cut metallic necklaces, six-inch stuffed polar bears and specialized doubloons. Noon.

March 5 (Fat Tuesday)

King Rex
Krewe of Rex

Uptown. This parade krewe is the origin of many traditions of Mardi Gras, including its colors of purple, green and gold, as well as the collectible doubloon coins. 10 am.

Krewe of Elks-Jeffersonians
Metairie. Comprised of 4,000 male and female riders and featuring more than 90 trucks, it is the oldest and largest of the all the truck krewes. Follows the Krewe of Argus. 11 am.

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