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Pre And Post Natal Fitness

It ain’t easy- staying fit, getting fit, and just trying to manage pain.. but we have a quick and easy round up ( along with benefits and websites) of great New Orleans options… so whether you need to zen out for an impending birth, or need help with lifting the baby and carrier into the car- we have it here


Prenatal Fitness

Magnolia Physical Therapy


Prenatal Exercise Program with Physical Therapist

–       licensed Physical Therapists develop exercise programs to increase physical endurance and muscle strength, relieve pain, and prepare for delivery.

–       relieve pain and help to prepare the body physically for delivering baby.

–       exercises during pregnancy can assist in recovery after the delivery.


 Elmwood Fitness Center


Prenatal Yoga Class Series – Prepare the body physically for giving birth.
         Reduces swelling and inflammation around the joints, by improving blood circulation & oxygen throughout the whole body.

–        Aids in digestion

–       Simple breathing techniques help to increase the intake of oxygen, while calming the body & mind.

Swan River Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

–       Prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for birth and baby.

–       This class is safe and accommodating to all months of pregnancy

–       for proper breathing, hip opening, and lower spine and sciatic relief, soothing nerves, and emotional balance

–       meet other mothers to be


Postnatal Fitness

Swan River Yoga

Baby & Me Yoga –

–       Focus on core strength and children engaged throughout the class.

–       For Parents or Caretakers and Babies (infant to toddler) who are interested in a fun and interactive yoga experience

–       is $7 sliding scale!!


Stroller yoga – at home

Addy Meisenheimer shares are some great stroller yoga moves you can do at home.

Ascension Fitness

Mommy Movement classes

– help moms get bodies back!

–       8 week program developed by Jenn Lormand to help new moms lose baby weight, eliminate the stomach pooch, solve incontinence problems, and most importantly, reconnect with their bodies

–       mommymovment: new baby. new body. new life. for moms who can’t take the program in person

Affirm Fitness

Baby Bootie Camp

–       Get full body work out with your baby

–       45 minute full body work out with your baby in the stroller and get meet other parents at the same time

–       pregnant moms welcome with doctors permission

–       in four week sessions (8 classes) in multiple locations.

–       Dads welcome!


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