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Publisher’s Blog: Love After Life

By Ann Herren
There are few things I enjoy more than undying declarations of love made to me. Mother’s Day is no exception. And, considering last year I was enjoying an emergency appendectomy on Mothers’ Day, I’m especially looking forward to a more laid-back, less operating table-esque day.
I’m one of those people that truly doesn’t like a fuss. I don’t like jewelry. I don’t like flowers that, because they’re bought on specific commercially-driven days, have extortion-level price tags. I’m not a cake person. Especially if there are loads of candles that in any way imply I’m older than twelve. Frankly, I prefer wine to celebrate important milestones, such as Tuesdays.
But at the same time, I don’t like to be forgotten. My feelings get hurt. I become sullen. Definitely snarky. Potentially passive-aggressive.
So I can imagine the pressure to honor me, on those days which I clearly should be honored, can be a bit trying for my loved ones. This is where the homemade card hits a homerun. My daughter has them down pat. My husband– less so. He just doesn’t get into colored markers and drawing our-family-in-a-straight-line the way our daughter does.
In honor of Mother’s Day, I share with you the card my ten-year-old daughter recently made for me. It is a timeline of our love, which I appreciate because it shows she is both forward-thinking and pragmatic. As you can see, she is on the left, me; the right. It ends lovingly with both of us in our graves. I simply can’t explain how much this card pleases me, on so many levels. If you don’t get it, you’re not my kind of (morbid) people.
And for sure, it’s way better than unplanned organ removal.
Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day to you!
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