Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Outta the mouths of babes.. comes these funnies from our New Orleans little ones!



My son Samari (nine) and daughter Kaliyah (five) were finger painting. Samari asked, “Mommy, do you know what I’m drawing?” Kaliyah blurted out, “A pumpkin!” Samari became very upset because Kaliyah revealed his drawing. I heard Kaliyah whisper when she realized that Samari was upset, “It’s okay, Samari. She can’t hear very much.” LOL.

KaTabitha Giles Parker



My daughter, Clara, age five, decides she wants to make herself a bowl of cereal. In her attempt, she spills it. She says, “My arm did it, not me.” I told her “No, you did it, because your arm is connected to your body!” She says, “No, Mom… my arm is my friend, and me is picking it up!”

Jennifer Cerami Bogart



Daddy is emptying the lint trap from the dryer, and Stella, almost three, is watching. Breathlessly she asks, “Daddy…did all that come from you belly button?!”

Renee Cangelosi-Latino



My daughter, Maelyn (four), says to me, “Mommy, can I ask you something?” Me, “Sure.” Maelyn, “Do you have any concerns about me?” I couldn’t stop laughing!

Jenny C. Orlando



Norah (four) tells me this morning that we have to clean the allergy out of her fish’s tank.

Christy Wood



While produce shopping at local grocery, my four year old walked around labeling fruits and veggies he knew. “And this is… And this is…” When he saw the asparagus, he ran over to it and shouted back to me “and THIS is the stuff that makes your pee stink!” Heard a few chuckles around us!!

Leah Odom LaGraize



I was editing a picture of a squirrel last night. And my daughter said, “It’s a chinchilla!” No amount of convincing worked. Just so you know, chinchillas are now on the loose in the Metro. 😉

Laurel Thomas



I was talking to my husband about my dental appointment and my two-and-and-half year old said, “Just say awe, Mommy, and be a big girl.”

Angela Gregory Nelson



B: Mommy, do we live in the planet Earth?

Me: No. We live ON the planet Earth. You can’t live IN the planet Earth because the middle of the Earth is very hot so you can’t live there.

B: (Very long shocked silence) We live ON it? Like sticking out?!

Me: Uh. Yes.

B: Are you sure?

Ayako Goto









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