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Getting Your Child a Smart Phone? Heed These Safety Tips

tween tweetYou’re getting your child an iPhone for Christmas? They’ll be thrilled, but you’ve got some serious steps to take to ensure your child’s safety. It’s important to have a conversation with them, discussing the proper practice of their mobile devices, along with teaching them how to stay safe and secure while using it.

Technology Contract

All families are different and will find their own path to rules that specifically work for them, and when that is done, an actual contract between the two of you could solidify your talk, provide guidance when conflicts arise, and ensures that the whole family is on the same page. Need an idea of what to include in your contract? Consider:

Now, to help keep them safe, there are specific measures YOU can take:

Setting Controls Via Your Provider Network

Most major cell phone service providers offer apps and services that will allow you to limit and monitor your child’s data usage. For example:

Setting Controls Via the Device Itself

Setting Controls Via Social Media Outlets

Kids love social media, but sometimes it can get them into trouble: bullying, child predators and an array of privacy issues. Utilizing the privacy settings in any social media app is important.

Facebook Settings:

Also, always remind your child to log out of their account when they are finished.

Twitter Settings

Instagram Settings

Snapchat Settings

Because the images disappear, many kids think that Snapchat is completely safe. However, snaps can be screenshot and saved, or a photo of the snap can be taken with another phone or camera.

By Brian Bason, CEO of Bark Technologies, an online software tool that alerts parents to potential issues like cyberbullying, sexting, drug use, and even depression and suicidal thoughts.


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