September 4, 2019

On Tuesday, students at Kipp Leadership Academy were treated to a surprise visitor to their school — New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan.

Along with UnitedHealthcare and the Dreambilders Foundation, Jordan was on hand to announce the donation of nearly 400 backpacks, all filled with school supplies and hygiene kits, to fifth through eighth graders at the Seventh Ward school.

UnitedHealthcare donates $10,000 to the Dreambuilders Foundation and Cam Jordan to share with Kipp Leadership Academy.

“I've always given up my Tuesdays to try and get out to the community,” Jordan said, who also took time to dance with and throw a football to several students. “I'm always just trying to reach out and know more about my city.”

A $10,000 donation from UnitedHealthcare to Cam Jordan and Dreambuilders Foundation was also provided to help students improve their overall health and achieve success as they begin the new school year.

The Dreambuilders Foundation is a nonprofit organization that partners with pro athletes to help financially, physically, mentally challenged kids receive the items, opportunities, and equipment they need to achieve their dreams. Founded by former NFL linebacker Akin Ayodele, Dreambuilders partners with athletes to “captain” one or more of its programs benefiting kids in the athlete’s city of choice.

Almost 400 backpacks await to be given out to 5th-8th graders at Kipp.

Several Kipp students try out their pro catching skills with passes from Jordan.

The UnitedHealthcare team scores a photo with Jordan.

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