to smock or not to smock- who cares, really?


It seems so innocuous, but it’s so divisive, isn’t it? Why do people feel so strongly about a style of clothing, a temporary style I might add -you’ll never see a teen, mayor, or senior in it, that they have to rant against it? There are people out there that have actually written ‘against’ smocking, created Pinterest pages to that effect, and started social media discussions. Why so much hate, people?

I’m baffled, because not only is smocking an innately Southern thing that so many moms love, but it’s by all accounts completely harmless. It’s like saying you hate Christmas jammies while standing in the middle of December in Vermont. Can’t you just get over it? Because nobody is making you smock your kid. And if grandma is actually forcing your heretofore untainted child into a smocked garment, will it actually kill you to take the picture for her, or are you that much of a toad?


So, while I’m not a ‘smocking person’, I will stand here in defense of smocking. Because all this seems so, I don’t know… mean.


And I hate mean people.

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