St. Paul's Episcopal School is celebrating New Orleans' 300th birthday in a very unique way.

Middle school students are working on an art installation to commemorate New Orleans' Tricentennial. The installation of approximately 50 handmade clay plaques are showcased on the iron fence in front of the school on Canal Blvd. 

We're delighted to share a few students' inspired works along with how they chose their subject.

6th Grade

St. Louis Cathedral
"St. Louis Cathedral represents the 'old' New Orleans to me. I like all the old buildings." ~Reva S.

Ruby Bridges
"I choose Ruby Bridges because she is very important to black history and culture in New Orleans. I think that it is very important to bring black courage and excellence into the light." ~Sophia H.


7th Grade

Anne Rice
"Anne Rice is a famous writer from New Orleans. She inspires many young people to read and to write." ~Carolyn K.

Chief Montana
"Chief Montana was a fun picture to draw. He shows how much fun we have in New Orleans." ~Deborah N.


8th Grade

"I wanted to paint an animal that represents New Orleans. The alligator represents the wildness and swamps that surround this city."  ~Emmalyn L.

Chef Paul
"I love New Orleans food and eating out in restaurants. Chef Paul was one of the best and most famous chefs from this city." ~Henry F.

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