Tips to avoid a tantrum  

1.  Make sure your child has enough food and rest

2.  Redirect a frustrated child to another activity

3.  Offer choices: instead of saying, “go to bed now” say, “what do you want to do first, brush your teeth or put on your PJs?”

4.  Explain to your child why she isn’t allowed to do something

5. Allow your child to move about without too many restrictions

6.  Have realistic expectations for your child for his developmental level

7.  Establish daily routines and try to stick to them

  Tips to end a tantrum  

1.  Ignore your child whenever possible when she is having a tantrum

2.  Keep your child and others safe by holding him if necessary; talk quietly and calmly while doing so

3.  Do not give into your child’s tantrum demands

4.  Do not offer rewards to your child for stopping the tantrum

5.  Try to look calm and stay in control during the tantrum

6.  If you need to, walk away from your child to remain calm and in control

7.  After the tantrum is over, let it go and move forward

  -from The Parenting Center   

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