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Top 10 safety tips for kids at Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras safety- with kids in tow- can become an important part of your planning. We’ve got 10 great tips to make it work!

Here are our ‘essentials’ to make it through parading with kids! ( and they’re great for festivals as well)

1. safety tracking devises 

– there are so many options out there- so we’ll name a few and hen seriously, just google ‘toddler tracking devises’ as well. but what a good idea.

2. phone number on child’s arm and parade day pic of the child!

– snap a pic with your phone of your child on the way. This can be a major help if showing to the police to help you find your child quickly. Tell your child if he or she gets lost to find a police person. OR- find a mommy with little kids. They’ll be ‘on it’ when it comes to helping you get reunited.

3. emergency change of clothes and extra pull-up or diaper 

no need to elaborate.

4. matching shirts for the ‘gang’ at the parade.

– This is a great way to help identify/find family members in a crowd. Not just for you, but strangers also can identify who is with your group corral them back to you. It takes a village.

5. potty/pull-up/person on route

never underestimate a small child in need of a potty. They just can’t pace themselves, anticipate or hold it like you can. Those $10 wristbands along the route? Wirth it. Or, find a friend that lives on or near the route and coordinate ahead of time to be able to use their ‘facilities’. Bring them a bottle of wine as a thank you.

6. noise-abating headphones

Mardi Gras safety extends to the ears ! think Drew Brees at Superbowl with his tyke. It can save their ears- the parade bands get loud!

7. snacks/drinks/water

– seriously important to have these on hand. especially water.

8. first aid kit/wipes/sanitizer

– same as above. I mean, there is nothing dirtier than beads off the ground. and try to stop them from grabbing them. just try. Plus- LEAD. yes, beads are vey toxic. always make sure to wipe their hands after they handle beads and before they stick their fingers in their mouths!

9. ladder/at start of route

– we find that the route can be ‘calmer’ at the beginning- also, you’ll have an easier ‘in and out’  from the  route. Another note- Riders themselves are likely to be less ‘drunk’ at the beginning and therefore more careful when throwing. Finally, the sooner it’s over ( at the beginning) the sooner you can get those tykes home!

10. wagon

it just makes taking home your child- and all their loot-easier. Catching all that plush and having all that fun is exhausting, you know?

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