1. Have a family plan in place.

2. Consider downloading a special app, like Hurricane Red Cross, to handle evacuation and organization needs.

3. Build a family readiness kit. Ask older children to help make a list of what they want to bring if a mandatory evacuation is announced.

4. Monitor data overload. Constant impending storm coverage can be overwhelming, causing anxiety, especially in younger children.

5. Evacuate early.

6. Pack diaper supplies, hand sanitizer, jars of food, powdered formula, dry cereal, prepackaged foods, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications. Pack plastic bottles, liners, extra nipples, and pacifiers.

7. Have important documents — copies of health insurance cards for each family member, immunization records, birth certificates, social security cards, and a list of your family’s medical history.

8. Write down your child’s pediatrician’s information and other medical emergency numbers.

9. As much as possible, stick to a schedule.

10. Pack toys, a portable DVD player and movies, coloring books, and other favorite items and activities.


Sources: Louisiana Public Health Institute, Dr. Michael Wasserman, Dr. Jason Wuttke, and The Parenting Center at Children’s Hospital.

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