March 19, 2020

It feels like summer already, NOLA!

Even with the spread of COVID-19, we can still go outside and enjoy the wonderful city we live in. Here are 20 things you can do with your kids while practice social distancing.

Make a bird feeder.

Remember all that toilet paper you bought? Turn the empty rolls into bird feeders. This is a great way to attract birds to your yard. Check out these easy steps featuring items you already have at home.

Go on a pond study.

Is there a pond nearby to explore? If so, have fun learning all about what is living and growing in it. Pro tip: dress to get messy! Bring along the following items to enhance your experience:

  • Nets (for catching tadpoles, insects, and other living things)
  • Bucket or bowl (to collect water samples)
  • Magnifying glass (to examine your finds)
  • Binoculars (for observing birds)

Press flowers.

Know those weeds that are flowering in your yard? Let your kids gather the flowers for pressing. It's simple to do – collect flowers, place between two sheets of paper, sit a book on top, and allow to dry. Feeling more crafty? Use your pressed flowers and contact paper to make decorative window clings.

Compost at home.

If you don't already compost your kitchen waste, you can invest in one or make your own! This is a great activity for teaching kids about garbage and gardening.

Backyard campout.

Practice social distancing in your backyard with a mini-campout! Roast marshmallows, sing campout songs, and gaze at the stars. Best part, you can always head inside if the mosquitos start to drive you crazy.

Listen to the birds.

Lay in the grass and close your eyes. Listen closely as the birds sing. Take turns trying to imitate the sounds you hear.

Plant a garden.

Have fun tilling the soil and planting flowers and vegetables in our homemade garden. 

Sidewalk chalk art.

Make a colorful rainbow, share a message with your neighbor, or even color the fence. Bring your child's toy cars or trucks outside and create a road for them to drive on. Best part of sidewalk chalk – it's washable!

Pick up trash.

Go for a walk. Take along an empty bag. Pick up items along the way that you find and throw them away when you get home. Pro tip: you can use an empty plastic bag as a glove if you do not want to touch any trash you collect.

Start a rock collection.

Collecting rocks during a walk is super fun! Take your rocks home and make art with them by painting them or adding stickers. 

Family bike ride.

The Thompson Family

Take a ride on your bike and explore the sites and sounds of your neighborhood. 

Start a nature journal.

Go on a walk and carry a journal with you. Document what you see. 

Play "I spy."

"I spy with my little eye something..." Take turns spying and guessing. There are non-stop options when you are outdoors.

Build an obstacle course.

Use chairs, ladders, sticks, and pool noodles to make a homemade obstacle course that will have your kids busy for hours!

Bounce with balloons.

Have a trampoline? Fill up water balloons and start bouncing.

Hunt for eggs.

Easter is a month away but you can get a jump start on finding the perfect hiding spots for Easter eggs now.

Paint garden pots.

Are your plants sitting in basic terra-cotta colored pots? Let your children have fun painting with bright colors to make your flower pots stand out.

Search for a four-leaf clover.

Clovers are growing everywhere. Head outside and spend some time looking for a four-leaf clover. Don't forget to document your clover in your nature journal!

Examine spider webs.

Have you every really looked at a spider web? Sit back with your child and watch a spider work. Go inside and create your own web using yard and a paper plate.

Have a picnic.

Pack up your breakfast, lunch, or dinner and eat outside. Practice social distancing by everyone sitting on their own blanket. Pro tip: don't forget your hand sanitizer!

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