2024 Faces of NOLA Family

2024 The Face of Childcare

A native to New Orleans, Pat Lacoste discovered the Magic of Montessori in the 1970s. Her career began in traditional preschool classes in a variety of programs. As an army wife living in Germany, she was astonished after visiting a Montessori preschool for three- to six-year-olds.

“It was completely different from anything I had ever experienced. A quiet hum filled the classroom full of natural light and child-sized furniture. Children filled buckets and adorned aprons as they prepared to paint at the easel. Other children were working together on a puzzle of the continents. Some helped serve snacks, tie shoes, or give lessons to other children. An entire room of preschoolers exploring, creating, and breaking into spontaneous song at the art table. An adult guide calmly moved about, whispering directions and giving one-on-one lessons, from chopping pickles and serving them to their friends to learning geometric shapes. Each child was learning at their own pace. Moving freely and naturally, they were content and focused. They were happy to learn,” says Lacoste.

Her passion ignited. Pat obtained her formal Montessori training at Saint Nicolas Montessori college in London. She earned credentials under direct tutelage of Dr. Humphrey and Ms. Child. These first two teacher trainers lived and learned directly from Dr. Montessori. Pat returned with priceless knowledge of the philosophy that took the world by storm.

Her dream of opening a Children’s House that met the needs of working parents came alive in 1984. Designed and built for children, Kinder Haus Montessori Preschool and Childcare continues to thrive.

Now in its 40th year, Kinder Haus Montessori is blessed with dedicated team members. Together, the team members have a total of 77 years at Kinder Haus. “I am grateful to all the teachers and parents who have shared our vision at Kinder Haus,” says Lacoste.

The administrators and teachers throughout the decades have all shared many gifts with the families. They follow the preschool’s vision every day: create an environment where children, parents, and teachers are supported in reaching their full potential.

Montessori is a gift for life! Kinder Haus, a gift for life.

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