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2024 The Face of Law

When Loyd J. Bourgeois graduated from Tulane Law School, he started out doing primary defense work. However, Bourgeois didn’t find his work fulfilling; he felt he could make a greater impact and help even more people. When he found out a family member was diagnosed with brain cancer and was denied disability benefits, he worked hard to fight for them, doing legal research and figuring out how he could help them from a legal standpoint. Eventually, he was able to get their benefits reinstated. It was then he became passionate about helping those who were mistreated or underrepresented when it came to insurance claims, and how Loyd J. Bourgeois, LLC (LJBLegal) became what it is today. 

Currently, the team at LJBLegal works hard to help those dealing with disability claims, like social security and long-term disability insurance; personal injury claims, like car and big truck accidents; and other insurance claims, like hurricane and bad faith claims. With offices in both Metairie and Luling, they are more than ready to fight life’s legal battles with compassion and care.

“Fortunately, we can give more personalized service and really get to know our clients and the issues that they’re facing,” says Loyd. “We get to know our clients, and they get to know us.”

Customer service is of the utmost importance at LJBLegal, with their top priority being effective and efficient communication with their clients. 

“We’re real people. We’re just like you: hard-working Louisiana citizens who never thought we’d have to sue anyone,” says Loyd. “But, you shouldn’t have to fight the bureaucracy alone.”

Whatever the case may be, you can count on Loyd and his team members to help as many people as possible, while continuing to educate themselves in order to keep on growing.

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